Advanced epitaxy and artificial heterostructures

Epitaxy, the art of growing single-crystalline materials on top of a single-crystalline substrate, is the building block of all state-of-the-art functional devices. I have developed methods to grow extremely uniform nanostructures (quantum dots, nanowires, nanorods) on patterned substrates for advanced photonic and electronic applications. Additionally, I have discovered methods to easily separate the active epitaxial layer from the underlying substrate, allowing substrate reuse and thus significantly reducing the cost of fabricating devices that use expensive single-crystalline substrates. More importantly, it allows artificial creation of novel heterostructures which have been impossible to make previously due to fundamental physical limitations.

State-of-the-art nanoscale electronic and photonic devices

By leveraging the advanced epitaxial techniques developed, it is possible to create nanoscale electrical and photonic device elements which can theoretically outperform its bulk counterparts. I have developed and demonstrated quantum dot (QD) solar cells, nanorod light emitting diodes (LEDs), nanowire spinvalves, and vertically stacked magnetoelectric nanomembranes. Expansion of this work will allow generation of a whole new category of devices for emerging fields such as bioelectronics/photonics, neuromorphic and quantum computing, and sensing.