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Advanced epitaxy and artificial heterostructures

Epitaxy, the art of growing single-crystalline materials on top of a single-crystalline substrate, is the building block of all state-of-the-art functional devices. Epitaxial growth of extremely uniform nanostructures (quantum dots, nanowires, nanorods) allows creation of advanced photonic and electronic devices. Additionally, we pioneer methods to easily separate the active epitaxial layer from the underlying substrate, resulting in truly flexible and transparent single-crystalline semiconductor membranes. This allows artificial creation of novel heterostructures which have been impossible to make previously due to fundamental physical limitations.

State-of-the-art nanoscale electronic and photonic device platforms

By leveraging advanced epitaxial techniques, our goal is to create heterogeneously integrated nanoscale electrical and photonic device platforms with superior performance and functionalities to individual bulk devices. Expansion of this work will allow generation of a new category of devices for emerging fields such as (bio)electronics, photonics, neuromorphic computing, quantum computing, sensing, and nanorobotics.

Our research has been published in the following high-impact journals

Engineering Goals for Ubiquitous Electronics





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